windows 10, Emacs 26.1, Dired+

Suppose I has 3 files and sort it by name in dired mode.

Smt like this:

enter image description here

OK. Now I sort it by date, press s

Here result:

enter image description here

OK. Now I edit file 3.txt and after save data in this file I return to dired by press dired-jump (C-x C-j). And here result.

enter image description here

As you can see it again sort by name but I need to sort by date. Why dired+ not save my sort mode?

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dired-jump (C-x C-j) just invokes command dired, which gives you a new Dired buffer, with the default switches from dired-listing-switches.

You can customize dired-listing-switches to whatever you want.

If you expect to return to an existing Dired buffer, which already uses the switches you want, then use C-x b to switch to that buffer.

If you want to automatically change the default switches to use each time you use s in Dired (that is, automatically modify dired-listing-switches), so that another, arbitrary use of dired uses the latest ones, then you'll need to program that. You can, for example, advise dired-sort-toggle-or-edit (which is bound to s in Dired mode).

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