This problem drives me mad. I want to be able to visually select multiple files for further operations. What happens is that after pressing V to go into visual mode the buffer seems to change. With the terminal ranger after visually selecting the first line I can move freely and select other lines, which is for me the expected behavior.

But as soon as I use spacemacs and visually select the first line the focus switches to the preview buffer (or if use deer to the minibuffer below). This seems to be the standard behavior, since my windows and ubuntu spacemacs versions both have this annoying feature.

My question is: how can I visually select multiple lines with ranger or deer in spacemacs and how can I get the terminal ranger behavior?

  • I've found a way around, though not completely satisfactory. By holding shift and going down or up with the arrow keys (then pressing C-space to mark) one gets the desired result. Still the expected behavior is that it works with V (toggling of the visual mode) instead of holding a shift key. – Rareform Dec 2 '19 at 16:55

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