Reading the AUCTeX manual I see that it is possible to add expressions to those one wants to highlight in a .tex file. There are also many specific suggestions around for how to add specific commands to the list font-latex-keywords. Now, coming from another editor (ST3) where it seems that the default is to highlight anything starting with \, I wonder whether there's any reason not to do this in Emacs and, if not, exactly how to do it.

(From what I understand, you can't use a regex to specify a list of keywords, is that right?)


AUCTeX fontifies all control words: For known ones (added in font-latex.el or via AUCTeX style files), it uses different classes (e.g., warning, function, textual etc.) and for unknown ones, it simply uses the font-latex-sedate-face which defaults to Foreground: DimGray. You can customize this face if you want a different appearance. There is no fontification for control symbols.

You can load this file in your Emacs to see some basic ideas behind fontification of general macros in AUCTeX.

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  • Thanks! I keep forgetting to disable global-hl-line-mode, which makes describe-face less helpful than it should be. – apc Nov 18 '19 at 1:51

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