I created personal my-config in .doom.d and have 'my-org-agenda` etc within it.

#+BEGIN_SRC shell :results output
tree ~/.doom.d  | head 

├── config.el
├── init.el
├── my-config
│   ├── my-org-agenda.el
│   ├── my-org-babel.el
│   ├── my-org.el
│   └── my-org-note.el
├── packages.el
├── snippets


I do the following configuration:

Add (add-to-list 'load-path "~/.doom.d/my-config/") as the first line of config.el

and require the appropriate personal configs

;;Note taking
;;GTD agenda
;;literature programming

(require 'my-org-note)
(require 'my-org-babel)
(require 'my-org-agenda)

Restart emacs but got the errors:

    /home/me/Documents/primary.doom.d/my-config/my-org-note.el failed to provide feature ‘my-org-note’

What the problem with my usage of load and require?


You should insert (provide 'my-org-note) at the end of your my-org-note.el file. (and similar for the other files).
Through this call Emacs can update the feature list with the required package symbol. This mechanism prevents re-evaluation of lisp code multiple times.

Have a read at Xah's Website or the official Emacs documentation for more details.

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