Whenever I write, say, \Rightarrow inside of $$, I immediately see the actual right-pointing arrow substituted in. Unfortunately, this does not travel well between GUI-based Emacs and Emacs started -nw in a terminal. Research tells me this is a latex-math-preview-* (or is it something with org-preview-latex-default-process?) feature, and this substitution is happening as Emacs (through imagemagick?) creates actual images to insert in-line when it sees Latex/MathJax blocks. My question is, How do I turn this feature completely off in the buffer? I'm on Emacs 26.3 and (elpa) org-mode latest.

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I don't think you're seeing the image preview via imagemagick/dvisvgm, I think you might be seeing a unicode overlay maybe?

If it is, according to the manual you should be able to toggle it with C-c C-x \ looking at the variable org-pretty-entities in M-x customize-variables may help you.

  • You were right, i.e., not related to imagemagick or dvipng at all. org-pretty-entities was nilI, but I had #+STARTUP: entitiespretty in the header.
    – 147pm
    Nov 18, 2019 at 1:45

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