Is there a way to customize how tags get sorted in org-agenda weekly view? I don't like the default which is sorting alphabetically (within tasks of the same date/priority).

It would be more useful if the sorting could be in the order tags are defined in the org file.


While this doesn't exactly answer the question, when you're in the agenda tag view you can filter the tags by using \ TAB and specifying another, this is probably the easiest approach.

The default method in org-mode is to sort the tag-match agenda view by the sequence they are seen in the files (10.4.3 of the manual doesn't say it's alphabetical but it could be wrong).

You can adjust how they are sorted by changing org-agenda-sorting-strategy, so you might want to use M-x customize-variable org-agenda-sorting-strategy from there you will be able to toggle all sorts of things.

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  • Yes, that's not what I had in mind... I see that I already use org-agenda-sorting-strategy, including tag-up, which explains the alphabetical sorting. – travel_phil Nov 22 '19 at 3:04

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