In the org-mode Agenda view, I can add a clocktable by pressing R. However, in this table I would like to hide non-contributing files. In any other dynamic clocktable block, I would specify :fileskip0. How can I achieve this for the clocktable in the Agenda view? I would like this formatting by default, i.e. it should show up after just pressing R.

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Hm, I should have dug a little deeper...

The solution is in the variable org-clocktable-defaults. I set it using

(setq org-clocktable-defaults '(:maxlevel 2 :lang "en" :scope file :block nil :wstart 1 :mstart 1 :tstart nil :tend nil :step nil :stepskip0 nil :fileskip0 t :tags nil :match nil :emphasize nil :link nil :narrow 40! :indent t :formula nil :timestamp nil :level nil :tcolumns nil :formatter nil))

which is all default values, except for :fileskip0, which I changed from nil to t.


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