Org-agenda has been working well all week. Now that it is Sunday, C-c a a produces an agenda that displays Monday 18 November through Saturday 23 of November.

I've changed some of the relevant parameters as below

(setq org-agenda-span 10)
(setq org-agenda-start-day "-3d")


(setq org-agenda-start-day "-1d")
(setq org-agenda-span 5)
(setq org-agenda-start-on-weekday nil)

But it hasn't gotten the agenda to display days beyond Saturday the 23rd of Nov.

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This did not have to do with the time frame I was specifiying.

Instead it was a problem while parsing the .org files I includin agenda. A message was raised, `habit "Weekly Review has no scheduled repeat period or has na incorrect one."

Initially I ignored this while trying to debug the agenda problems but when I set SCHEDULED: <2019-11-17 Sun ++1d> correctly, the agenda built correctly.

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