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When starting emacs from the shell command line, if you pass the "dot", it opened emacs with a 'dired' of the current directory.

But can I do this?

emacs '*scratch*'

Basically I want to tell emacs (emacsclient) to be invoked with the argument "the file to be opened" being *scratch*

It would solve one of the problems I sometimes have: fyi I always start my day with cd ~/projecta; emacs . The issue with this is I can't freely kill 'dired' buffers. If I C-x k the 'dired' buffer for projecta root, emacs frame closes and I get dropped in to the shell.

Some context:

  • using macOS
  • Uses emacs only with Terminal.app ( -nw mode)
  • Emacs is client/server based, and each of my "customers" get their own entry in my .bashrc
    function emacs() {
      emacsclient -a "" -s workspace -nw "$@"

    function emacsb() {
      emacsclient -a "" -s workspaceb -nw "$@"

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One option is emacs -e '(switch-to-buffer "*scratch*")'


The first line of the output of emacsclient --help is

Usage: emacsclient [OPTIONS] FILE...

It suggests that a file or directory must be provided to the command.

Also, like you, I create per-directory emacs daemons:

ec() {
    SERVER_NAME=$(basename $PWD)
    emacsclient -a '' -s $SERVER_NAME $*

The advantage of this is that if I close the file or directory that the emacsclient is opened with, the daemon persists.

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