The command vhdl-compose-place-component is supposed to create the text to place a component. I can't figure out how to specify which component it places, though. Right now, when I use it, it places a random component that I don't want it to. Here's the M-x describe-function:

vhdl-compose-place-component is an interactive compiled Lisp function
in ‘vhdl-mode.el’.

It is bound to C-c RET C-p, <menu-bar> <VHDL> <Compose> <Place


Place new component by pasting current port as component declaration and
component instantiation.

Does anyone know how to specify which component it should place?

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I figured it out. You have to select the port map by entering into it, and doing:

M-x vhdl-port-copy

After that, you can place the component, or create the testbench with

M-x vhdl-port-paste-testbench in a new testbench file.

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