I have a function named my-func in my init.el. I copy this function to the scratch buffer, make some changes to it and evaluate it with C - j. I then delete the code in the scratch buffer and then call my-func, but it executes the scratch version, not the init.el version.

How can I make Emacs forget code evaluated in the scratch buffer ?

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Just redefine the function with its original definition again.

You'll probably find this article very helpful:

You can't 'undo' lisp evaluation like you can undo text editing -- Emacs isn't keeping a history of all previous states of the lisp interpreter (it couldn't do so -- the idea just isn't practical). Maintaining a history of versions of named functions would be possible, but Emacs doesn't do that.

If you want to experiment with elisp in a safe environment, simply start a separate instance of Emacs.

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