1. Within c-mode it is possible to configure a style and with c-hanging-braces-alist it is possible to relocate braces like { and } to separate lines, inserting whitespace and so on. Th function which triggers this is c-electric-brace.

  2. With smartparens it is possible to insert/delete/wrap/navigate over complete pairs of braces.

How could I use all above mentioned features, at the same time, from within c-mode?

remarks, and what I tried:

  • when smartparens-mode is enabled, then both pairs are inserted and navigation works, but no relocation (1.) of braces is happening.
  • both involved functions are too complex to rewrite them.
  • experimenting with (sp-local-pair 'c-mode "{" "}" :pre-handlers '(c-electric-brace) :post-handlers '(c-electric-brace)) did not do anything. I guess because of the call to self-insert-command from within c-electric-brace
  • currently I'm using (sp-local-pair 'c-mode "{" "}" :actions '(:rem insert)) which delivers most of the wanted functionality, but automatic inserting of whole pairs of { } does not work. Could another package like electric-pair-mode deliver the missing autopairing and so enable the whole feature set?

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