I have the following in my .emacs:

(use-package flymake
  :init (remove-hook 'flymake-diagnostic-functions 'flymake-proc-legacy-flymake)
  (add-hook 'emacs-lisp-mode-hook #'flymake-mode)
  (add-hook 'lisp-interaction-mode-hook (lambda () (flymake-mode -1)))

I want flymake to be turned on in emacs-lisp, but not in my *scratch* buffer. This works, kind of, but it also creates a Flymake log buffer with the content:

Warning [flymake *scratch*]: Disabling backend flymake-proc-legacy-flymake because (error Can't find a suitable init function)
  1. Why am I getting this log message when flymake-mode is not supposed to be active in lisp-interaction mode?

  2. Why am I getting this log message when I removed flymake-proc-legacy-flymake from the flymake-diagnostic-functions variable?

Is there a way to mute these warnings/tell flymake to write the warnings into *Messages* rather than its own log buffer?

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