I am trying to debug an application on a remote environment. Ofcourse running Tramp over gdb works as in https://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/manual/html_node/tramp/Remote-processes.html, but you miss out on source code linking. The frame/stacktrace buffer for example... now you can't click on a frame and go to source code on host machine.

[Host] (Source code) -> compiled binary -> scp binary to remote -> Debug On Remote.

So I tried making gdbserver work. Firstly I made both versions of gdb/gdbserver on both host and remote machine same. 8.3 latest. Now running from terminal:

In Terminal Remote:

$ cd /path/to/folder/
$ gdbserver --multi :44421 

gdbserver starts listening. Also tried entire exercise with gdbserver --no-shell-on-startup --multi :44421 but it results in same thing.

In Host machine TERMINAL:

$ gdb /file/to/executable
gdb> target extended-remote <remote>:44421
gdb> set remote exec-file ./executable
gdb> set args -c config.xml
gdb> r

^This works as expected. Or atleast it starts and i am able to get debug output.

BUT In emacs GBD mode it doesn't work: In HOST machine. EMACS:

M-x gdb RET gdb -i=mi /file/to/executable
gdb> target extended-remote <remote>:44421
gdb> set remote exec-file ./executable
gdb> set args -c config.xml
gdb> r

^This doesn't work. I get output: In Remote Machine:

$ gdbserver...
/bin/sh: /path/to/executable/folder/executable: No such file or directory

How do I solve this?

  • Emacs: 26.3
  • GDB: 8.3
  • Both machines are centos 7.
  • Using spacemacs develop branch as emacs frontend.

Since I do frequently copy executable from host to remote, I do want gdbserver to simply run forever, hence the --multi <port> use case. And I can do k from gdb when i need to copy the binary over.

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I made this work by passing argument when launching gdb.

M-x gdb RET gdb -i=mi -ex "target extended-remote <remote>:44421" -ex "set remote exec-file ./executable" --args "-c config.xml"

Then in gdb launched i also had to set set non-stop off.

I ran gdbserver as gdbserver --multi :44421 in the folder on remote where executable was.

It worked. But the emacs bug exists though.

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