I save a few different windows registers using M-x r w and then save the entire desktop with M-x desktop-save.

I then restart Emacs and load the desktop using M-x desktop-read. If I do M-x r j do jump to one of the previously saved windows registers in the saved desktop I get an error message saying Register doesn't contain a buffer position or configuration.

If I do M-x list-registers every registry is described as Register X contains a rectangle starting with an Unprintable entity.

I do not run Emacs in a terminal, it's a full GUI Emacs and desktop-restore-frames is set to 't'. How should I do to save frame configurations between desktop sessions?

  • getting same issue... (add-to-list 'desktop-globals-to-save 'register-alist) didn't save registers after restarting emacs – phoxd Jun 12 '20 at 22:18

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