Running Doom Emacs 2.0.9.

If I make a selection, I can see the word-count. This is as expected because doom-modeline-enable-word-count is set to t.

However, I was expecting to see a word-count as I edit on org file because doom-modeline-continuous-word-count-modes is set to markdown-mode, gfm-mode, org-mode.

But I do not see the word-count. How do I get this working?

  • "doom-modeline-continuous-word-count-modes is set to markdown-mode, gfm-mode, org-mode" looks very dodgy. If there are actually commas, then that's not the list you want it to be. If you are just manually reformatting it for the question, then you shouldn't do that -- use lisp syntax for lisp values, otherwise you will cause confusion. – phils Dec 17 '19 at 7:31

You can select a region or the whole document (ggvG$ if you use Evil), then use M-=. Emacs will display the number of lines, words, and characters.

  • I believe OP is asking about a word count in the modeline. – Dan Nov 2 '20 at 2:04

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