I can use org-resolve-clocks if I've been away from a task but kept the clock for the task running -- but when I do that and select K ("keeps however many minutes you request and then immediately clock out of that task."), I have to specify a number of minutes.

Instead, I want to specify a time, since usually that's what I remember ("my coworker stopped to ask a question at 10:45"). I'd like a way to get the K functionality, but instead of doing the math to figure out a number of minutes, I want to just type in a time of day.

What would I need to do for that?

  • This would make a very nice request-for-enhancement IMO (if it does not exist already of course). You might want to propose it on the Org mode mailing list if you get no answers here.
    – NickD
    Commented Dec 18, 2019 at 19:42

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It seems there's no way for org to do this right now. But I've sent a patch to the org-mode mailing list; the change to org-clock.el is quite simple:



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