I keep my notes in Markdown. Often I would like to collect various links by drag-and-dropping them from the browser.

However, Emacs opens them instead. I know that this is probably what most people want, but is there any way to disable this, so Emacs will not open a link but just insert it as a text

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You can customize the Drag and Drop behavior using the variable dnd-protocol-alist. The ultimate fallback is inserting the link as text, so this is what you want:

(setq dnd-protocol-alist nil)

The following is the default value, you can also remove http only

(("^file:///" . dnd-open-local-file)
 ("^file://" . dnd-open-file)
 ("^file:" . dnd-open-local-file)
 ("^\\(https?\\|ftp\\|file\\|nfs\\)://" . dnd-open-file))

By the way, you can do interesting thing with dnd-protocol-alist, such as, drag a html url into a markdown buffer and insert it as markdown link automatically. One existing cool use of it is Dired, when you drag a file into a dired buffer, the file will be copy&paste into that directory.

  • Thank you, both solutions worked. The first one to switch off brutally ;-) and the second one with the removal of http. Thanks! Jan 7, 2020 at 21:39

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