Because the options provided by the mathematica.el file in org-contrib are quite limited, I am trying to create a new, extended, mathematica.el file. As explained on the org language development page, I start out with the ob-template.el file. However, the template file expects an inf-template file (all occurences of template should be substituted by the target language, but I keep things general here) on linenumber 71 in the org-babel-expand-body function but I have no idea what kind of file that should be. Also I can not find any other inf-... file on my system. As I don't know much about inf files my general question is:

Someone here can share some useful information about inf-... files?


In the mean time I discovered some inf-... file on my system. (i.e. inf-lisp.el). From the contents of the file I found that the file defines an inferior lisp mode so that I understand that an inf-... file defines an optional inferior mode that can be used by the extension.

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