I recently installed Doom and noticed that in org-mode the Tab key (used for local/subtree visibility cycling) only cycles between 2 states ('folded' and 'children') as opposed to 3 states I'm used to from vanilla Emacs ('folded', 'children' and 'subtree'). I can't seem to find the reason for that. Tab is bound to org-cycle, the documentation of which clearly mentions 3 states. Invoking the function "manually" through M-x never unfolds the entire subtree either. What am I missing here?

  • Did you check to see if org-cycle is advised? – Aquaactress Dec 25 '19 at 0:58

I figured it out. Removing +org-cycle-only-current-subtree-h from the org-tab-first-hook list of hooks restores 3-state cycling:

(setq org-tab-first-hook (delete '+org-cycle-only-current-subtree-h org-tab-first-hook))
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