Since different python version installed on my system, how can I use specific python and option to run it?

For example,below test.py file will print hello output.

#!/opt/anaconda3/bin/python --myoptions

I want to get a equivalent by org-babel, maybe something like below:

#+BEGIN_SRC python :results :cmd /opt/anaconda3/bin/python :option --myoptions

Do we have such option to config that?


In Org 9.2.3 function org-babel-execute:python contains following let-assignment:

      (or (cdr (assq :python params))

Therefore, the header argument you are looking for is (at least in that Org version):

:python /opt/anaconda3/bin/python --myoptions

Those lines have been introduced in Org at commit e527e49c38.

Note, that those lines are also part of the newest release on 2019-12-27, i.e., Org 9.3.1.

  • Alternatively, the variable can be customized once and for all to the desired value. That way, you don't have to specify it for each code block.
    – NickD
    Dec 27 '19 at 15:32

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