I'm using virtualenvwrapper.el to load Python virtualenvs during emacs sessions. I would like emacs to start with a default one, so I don't have to load it manually every time.

To load it manually, I use

M-x venv-workon RET

Virtualenv to swich to: myvirtualenv RET

How can I do this through init.el?

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Interactive simply provides a way to call the function via M-x. You can use venv-workon normally, like any other emacs-lisp function. Here's an example:

 (require 'virtualenvwrapper)
 (venv-workon "my-python-project")

For more detail on what interactive does, see Using Interactive from the Elisp docs. Essentially, interactive marks a function as a command and defines how arguments passed to a command should be parsed.

  • It works perfectly for the shell. Now how can I assign it for flycheck use?
    – dmvianna
    Dec 17, 2014 at 0:35

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