When I open file with C-x C-f (counsel-find-file &optional INITIAL-INPUT)

Most of the org files are opened as org-mode automatically, yet there are a few displayed as plain text as fundamental mode.

What's the problem it might be?

The example is the Chapter 5 of SICP

enter image description here

Issue M: and eval (cl-rassoc 'org-mode auto-mode-alist), get output

("\\.org\\'" . org-mode)

enter image description here

Emacs 26.3 
GNU Emacs 26.3 (build 2, x86_64-pc-linux-gnu, GTK+ Version 3.24.11) of 2019-09-23, modified by Debian

the machine info:

OS: Ubuntu 19.10 x86_64 
Host: MacBookPro11,1 1.0 
Kernel: 5.3.0-24-generic 
Uptime: 7 hours, 54 mins 
Packages: 2601 (dpkg), 2 (snap) 
Shell: bash 5.0.3 
Resolution: 2560x1600 
WM: KWin 
  • What keyboard shortcut are you using to open the file, and what is the name of the function that is triggered? C-h k and then type the keyboard shortcut to see which function is bound. Also, do you have a minimal working example of a file that the behavior is exhibited? If we have that information, then we can probably do away with our crystal ball when trying to answer this question. :) – lawlist Jan 7 at 7:46
  • Maybe have a look at section 23.3 "Choosing file modes" of the manual. – JeanPierre Jan 7 at 8:21
  • Please type M-: and thereafter in the minibuffer (cl-rassoc 'org-mode auto-mode-alist) followed by the RETURN key. Add the value that is output to the *Messages* buffer to your question. – Tobias Jan 7 at 10:37
  • ty, it print org\\'" . org-mode) . @Tobias – Calculus Jan 7 at 13:02
  • 1
    ok. The problem is in your personal configuration then, and we'll have a hard time helping remotely. See here: emacs.stackexchange.com/questions/28429/… – Tyler Jan 7 at 15:56

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