I would like to watch the value of s-expression while debugging a function with edebug-mode. This can be done manually by calling the function edebug-visit-eval-list, pasting the s-exp there, calling edebug-update-eval-list and then calling edebug-where to go back to the source code.

I need help writing a function "watch-variable-at-point-in-edebug-eval" with the following behaviour

  1. While in a dedbug session, append the sexp at point in the buffer called *edebug*
  2. call edebug-update-eval-list on the variable
  3. call edebug-where to place the cursur back into the original window
  4. Bind the function to a key in the edebug-minor-mode keymap

Does this functionality come with a package? I would appreciate help in writing the function.

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