I often need to keep track of conversations that happen in Slack, so I wrote a small elisp package that retrieves all message info (channel, timestamps, message(s)) for a given Slack permalink.

Then I convert the data to org-element using org-element-interpret-data.

Now, I need to find a way to either override org-insert-link so whenever I want to insert a link and it happens to match a pattern, it would not insert link as is, but extracts Slack data using my method and inserts that instead.

What's the best way of doing something like this?


Usually advising functions can be used to change the behavior of a function. But for this interactive function it would get complicated when looking at the source.

Fortunately org-mode (version 9.1+) has a built-in method to add custom link types which is the preferred way in this case:

(org-link-set-parameters TYPE &rest PARAMETERS)

An example that should come close to what you have in mind:

(defun my-org-link-insert-slack-data (&optional arg)
  "Get the slack link and insert the data."
  (let ((slack-link (read-string "slack link: ")))
    ;; Use your function here to insert the slack data.
    (insert slack-link)))

(org-link-set-parameters "slack" :complete #'my-org-link-insert-slack-data)

Evaluate the example code and then run M-x org-insert-link. The custom link type slack can be selected:

new org link type for slack

Then it prompts you for the slack link and inserts the text entered at point.

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