Inspired by this post, I tried to set up a second leader key for my Xah-Fly-Keys for major mode commands (as suggested in the post). But I couldn't find how I can set up the second leader key for Xah-Fly-Keys. I also ask this question in Xah-Fly-Keys Reddit forum but didn't get any answer. Does anyone know how?

In case you wonder why I'm trying to that: The purpose is using a single key binding for similar actions in different major-modes. For example, running a unit of code (e.g. a source block in org-mode, a cell in matlab-mode and etc) with e.g. + RET (note that is the "second leader key" suggested by the post I mentioned). I propose a solution in Reddit forum, but with using the control key (rather a new leader key).

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First one needs introduce <deletechar> to command mode of xah-fly-keys (XFK):

(defun ss-xfk-addon-command()
  "Modify keys for xah fly key command mode keys
To be added to `xah-fly-insert-mode-activate-hook'"
  (define-key xah-fly-key-map (kbd "<deletechar>") 'ss-xfk-delchar-keymap)
  ;; more here

Then add the needed keybindings; For example this is a piece from my config:

 (define-prefix-command 'ss-xfk-delchar-keymap)
   ("a" . eshell-command)

   ("c" . increment-number-at-point) ; i
   ("t" . decrement-number-at-point) ; k

   ("." . org-edit-special) ; e

   ("RET" . ss-run-code-unit)
   ("n" . read-only-mode) ; l

   ("v" . flyspell-auto-correct-word) ; .
   ("w" . flyspell-goto-next-error) ; ,

   ("e" . goto-line) ; d


and then let then, let XFK add them to the command mode:

(add-hook 'xah-fly-command-mode-activate-hook 'ss-xfk-addon-command)

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