Is it possible to compress data (an Elisp string for example) using Emacs (without calling 3rd-party commands)? I noticed Emacs uses zlib, but I only found zlib-decompress-region.

  • When you say "data", do you mean data to use with Emacs? Some part of your config? A text file? A file you want to compress in Emacs and send via email? What are you trying to do here? – zck Jan 16 at 7:39
  • Clarified - an data could be an elisp string, for e.g. – ideasman42 Jan 16 at 8:41
  • 1
    AFAIK automatic (de)compression is done by jka-compr-... and this relies on external programs for compression/decompression. A complete search of the Emacs C-sources for compress with elgrep only gives significant hits in decompress.c which you already found. The other hits for compress are unrelated (gnutls.c, image.c, or sound.c). Github search does not work. – Tobias Jan 16 at 10:04

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