I referenced C-h f apply for the source code of "apply", it prompts

C code is not yet loaded.

but does not hint the destination file.

Execute grep-find within Emacs repo thus return no results.

find . -type f -exec grep --color -nH --null -e 'int apply' \{\} +
Grep finished with no matches found at Thu Jan 16 18:47:40

How could locate the definition of apply in C code?


Your C-h f is not the standard C-h f (M-x describe-function), describe-function doesn't provide "References ..." information at all. To find the source of apply, use C-h f apply, it will say

apply is a built-in function in `src/eval.c'.

src/eval.c will be clickable, then click it to go to the source. If you didn't install Emacs from the source code by yourself, Emacs will ask you to input your "Emacs C source dir", you should enter the path of the Emacs git repo, alternatively, you also can set the variable source-directory or find-function-C-source-directory in your init file

(setq source-directory "/path/to/your-emacs-repo")

;; OR

(setq find-function-C-source-directory "/path/to/your-emacs-repo/src")

find . -type f -exec grep --color -nH --null -e 'int apply' {} +

We can't know whether apply is defined as a plain C function and its return value must be an integer, thus try something different, for example, search apply in all *.c files.


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