In org-mode, I have the following:

#+BEGIN_SRC emacs-lisp :results scalar
(setq no-byte-compile t)
(defun f ())
(defun g ())
(add-function :before (symbol-function 'f) 'g)
(symbol-function 'f)

: #[128 "\300\301\"\210\300\302\"\207" [apply g (lambda nil nil) nil] 4 nil]

I wanted to see what adding advice did to the function. Why is byte compilation happening, despite no-byte-compile being t? How do I prevent byte compilation in this case?

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Why is byte compilation happening...?

Strictly speaking no byte-compilation is happening, from the looks of it.

advice--make-1 actually generates byte code directly via make-byte-code.

This is obviously a low-level approach, and offhand I'm surprised to see that going on outside of compilation; but perhaps it's more common than I imagine -- I have little knowledge in this area.

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