As you perhaps know, asciinema rec (asciinema rec path/to/file) and generate an asciicast file which contain all commands recorded on terminal.

I think using asciinema to replay this file (asciinema play /path/to/file.cast) in exported html was an interesting way for user to replay command with realist color, prompt shell, output log, etc.

Into a bash source block, i try to run the asciicema rec command, but nothing happen.

#+NAME: bashwithasciinema
#+BEGIN_SRC bash 
asciicema rec myfile
mkdir "foo"
cd foo/
mkdir "bar
cd bar/

Any idea of the problem ? Is it linked to shell management ?

  • What has this to do with Tramp? – Michael Albinus Jan 22 at 16:09
  • You're right, i remove the tag, a mistake probably – reyman64 Jan 24 at 20:48

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