I know you can use org-babel-execute-src-block (C-c C-c) to execute individual code blocks, but is there something akin to "Run all chunks above" that RStudio has for Rmarkdown files?

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You can easily run all code blocks via C-c C-v C-b, or all blocks in a subtree. I don't think above this point is implemented.

It would be fairly easy write a custom function that takes all text below the point, hides it, executes all code blocks, and then restores the text. I would do that rather than taking all text above the point and executing it in a temporary buffer, because some code blocks may use the buffer-name or file-name so it should not be changed.

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    Note: Because of << noweb >> remote code inclusion, it may be difficult to know that blocks above don't depend on blocks below.
    – mankoff
    Commented Jan 23, 2020 at 12:37

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