I would like to get the following cc-mode indentation behavior (c-basic-offset is 4):

    parameter1, parameter2));

However I would like to maintain arglist aligned indentation for parameters after the first:


By default the second one is indenting correctly, but the first is indenting as follows (one c-basic-offset from innerFunction rather than outerFunction):

                  parameter1, parameter2));

The issue is that both parameter1 in the first example and parameter2 in the second are recognized as arglist-cont-nonempty by M-x c-show-syntactic-information. So I cannot define separate indentation levels for them.

The default indentation for arglist-cont-nonempty is 'c-lineup-arglist, which is needed to preserve the behavior in the second example. Is there a way to customize the indentation that is used by 'c-lineup-arglist when the line starts with the first parameter (i.e. open-paren precedes it)?

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