Following an attempted git merge on the commandline, my file now has standard conflict markers in it which emacs has helpfully reloaded (reverted?) in the buffer.

How do I start some kind of merging mode to resolve the conflict? Can I get seperate buffers showing left/right/merged versions of the file like when I ediff-files?

(emacs-prelude v24.4 on a Mac)

  • All three of these look good. Thank you! I will make a conflicted file, try each answer, and report back about my experience.
    – daiboo
    Dec 22, 2014 at 1:17

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If you use magit, you can press e at the unmerged file in magit status buffer (started by pressing M-xmagit-statusRET) to start ediff session for resolving the conflicts


You can use the minor mode smerge-mode to move between conflicts and resolve them. You can open ediff to resolve conflicts with C-c ^ E while in smerge mode.


M-x vc-resolve-conflicts RET

I bind it to C-xv<

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