take org-brain-path for example:

(defcustom org-brain-path (expand-file-name "brain" org-directory)
  "The root directory of your org-brain.

`org-mode' files placed in this directory, or its subdirectories,
will be considered org-brain entries."
  :group 'org-brain
  :type '(directory))

I want to check its current value with describe-symbol org-brain-path, but I cannot find org-brain-path in describe-symbol list.

Why and how to check the current value?

(require 'org-brain)

is needed in order to make the defcustom variables it defines become available.

  • More specifically, the definition must have been evaluated, and that typically happens by loading the library in question (which the call to require will ensure has happened).
    – phils
    Feb 23 '20 at 23:14

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