I use the default style linux (snippet from here)

;; set indentation style linux for c++
(setq c-default-style "linux"
          c-basic-offset 4)

But I can't get it to work with the style setting which sets zero indent for namespaces (from this question)

(defconst my-cc-style
    (c-offsets-alist . ((innamespace . [0])))))

(c-add-style "my-cc-mode" my-cc-style)

Once I choose my-cc-style with C-c . RET my-cc-mode RET, I get the strange brace indent back which the first setting removes, i.e. like this:

virtual string_type do_falsename() const

Is there a way to keep everything from the default style, and change only the namespace indentation?

Edit: there are a multiple possible solutions to be found here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/2619853/emacs-override-indentation/22711444#22711444

  • I also had a hard time making this work, so now I just use a hook (added to c-mode-common-hook) that calls (c-set-offset 'innamespace 0). Let me know if I should explain this in more detail. Dec 18, 2014 at 18:45

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Defining your style based on linux instead of cc-mode should help.

(defconst my-cc-style
 '("linux" ; this is inheritance from the linux style
   (c-offsets-alist . ((innamespace . [0])))))

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