I would like to be able to search for all TODO's with a property of FEATURE_NUM, and that property is inherited in my TODO's.

Here's what I have in my init.el to make that property inheritable:

(setq org-use-property-inheritance
      (list "FEATURE_NUM"))

I then have a TODO tree that looks like thes:

* Task List
  :FEATURE_NUM: 12345
** TODO Go over the API design docs                      :c_coding:

When I search using org-sparse-tree for an element with that property name and value, that TODO is returned.

I then looked in the org-ql docs regarding property searches and saw that I need to use a custom predicate if I want to search for properties using inheritance. I therefore created a query like this:

(org-ql-block '(and
                (property "FEATURE_NUM")
                (> 0 (string-to-number (org-entry-get (point) "FEATURE_NUM" 'inherit)))

I'm trying to evaluate each TODO and see if it has that property name and the value is > 0. However, this query always returns nil.

Can anyone see what I'm missing? According to the docs this seems to be the right way to do things.

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Oh duh, I guess I was trying to make things too complicated. This ended up working:

(org-ql-block '(and
                (org-entry-get (point) "FEATURE_NUM" 'inherit))) 

Since I'm using the org-entry-get function I don't need the property predicate.

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