Hi I'm on Linux and Emacs version is 26.3.

I would like to expand or collapse a block by mouse click, instead of moving the cursor to the header and press tab.

I actually have a windows computer does so, but do not work on my Linux one. I’ve tried to copy relevant files, however doesn’t work.

I also googled, but to be honest, cannot find where to start.

So if anyone can help? Thanks a lot!!


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You can use the built-in org-mouse which adds support for subtree expansion/collapsing (org-cycle) with the left mouse button.

To use it either

  • add (require 'org-mouse) to your init file
  • or activate it in the current session with M-: (require 'org-mouse) RET M-x org-mode-restart RET.

Org mouse implements the following features (taken from the package commentary):

;; * following links with the left mouse button
;; * subtree expansion/collapse (org-cycle) with the left mouse button
;; * several context menus on the right mouse button:
;;    + general text
;;    + headlines
;;    + timestamps
;;    + priorities
;;    + links
;;    + tags
;; * promoting/demoting/moving subtrees with mouse-3
;;    + if the drag starts and ends in the same line then promote/demote
;;    + otherwise move the subtree

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