I use the ess layer in spacemacs to work with R files. After an autocompletion, the variable truncate-lines is set to nil. Furthermore, during the time the complexion box is on the screen, the lines are not truncated.

So basically if I start with truncate-lines as t the display is changed during the completion and goes back to normal afterwards. However, if truncate-lines is nil at first, it goes to t after the first completion.

I don't have this behavior for other types of files.

The main mode is ess-r-mode and below are the enabled minor modes.

Enabled minor modes: Anzu Async-Bytecomp-Package Auto-Composition
Auto-Compression Auto-Encryption Auto-Highlight-Symbol Bug-Reference-Prog
Clean-Aindent Column-Number Company Cursor-Intangible Diff-Auto-Refine
Display-Line-Numbers Editorconfig Eldoc Electric-Indent Ess-Roxy
Eval-Sexp-Fu-Flash Evil Evil-Escape Evil-Local Evil-Mc Evil-Surround Eyebrowse
Fci File-Name-Shadow Flycheck-Pos-Tip Flymake Flyspell Font-Lock Global-Anzu
Global-Auto-Revert Global-Display-Line-Numbers Global-Eldoc Global-Evil-Surround
Global-Flycheck Global-Font-Lock Global-Git-Commit Global-Hl-Line Global-Hl-Todo
Global-Magit-File Global-Page-Break-Lines Global-Spacemacs-Leader-Override
Global-Spacemacs-Whitespace-Cleanup Global-Undo-Tree Global-Vi-Tilde-Fringe
Global-Visual-Line Goto-Address-Prog Helm Helm-Descbinds Helm-Flx
Highlight-Numbers Highlight-Parentheses Hl-Todo Hs Ido-Vertical Line-Number
Mouse-Wheel Override-Global Persp Projectile Pupo Purpose Rainbow-Delimiters
Recentf Save-Place Savehist Shell-Dirtrack Show-Smartparens
Show-Smartparens-Global Smartparens Spaceline-Helm Spaceline-Info
Spacemacs-Leader-Override Spacemacs-Whitespace-Cleanup Transient-Mark
Treemacs-Filewatch Treemacs-Follow Treemacs-Fringe-Indicator Treemacs-Git
Undo-Tree Vi-Tilde-Fringe Visual-Line Which-Key Winner Winum Xterm-Mouse Yas

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