I can be remarkably consistent with my misspellings some times; in these instances while running ispell, I'd like to be able to hit something like C-u <correction number> (for instance) to replace all instances of the mispelling at once.

Is there a way to tell ispell to not only replace the current word with a suggestion, but all future instances of that word with the same correction?

(As if I were to exit, then run query-replace and then hit ! to replace all occurrences.)

Thanks in advance.

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If you switch on ispell-query-replace-choices by M-x customize-option ispell uses query-replace if it finds multiple occurrences of the miss-spelled word after you choose a replacement.

After the first correction it will go to the next occurrence and query you with the menu of query-replace-regexp. The most important menu choices are:

  • ! replace all occurrences of the miss-spelled word with the chosen correction
  • y replace this occurrence and go to the next occurrence
  • q continue with the normal Ispell command loop
  • Is there a customize-option-free solution? Only using init-file?
    – Name
    Aug 15, 2022 at 15:34

Using ispell-buffer, after replacing the first instance you can press "R" - which... yup, gives you query and replace. Not quite as convenient as what you're looking for but almost...

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