After some struggle I got it to work for a day. I was able to see a combined agenda with todo's and calendar appointments correctly.

The next day it stopped working, and the agenda file appears empty. Debugger launched:

Debugger entered--Lisp error: (error "Before first headline at position 377 in buffer diary.org")
  signal(error ("Before first headline at position 377 in buffer diary.org"))
  error("Before first headline at position %d in buffer %s" 377 #<buffer diary.org>)
  org-agenda-get-day-entries("~/.emacs.d/diary.org" (2 17 2020) :deadline :scheduled :timestamp :sexp)
  apply(org-agenda-get-day-entries "~/.emacs.d/diary.org" (2 17 2020) (:deadline :scheduled :timestamp :sexp))

The diary file is large, 1.3M. It has many entries, very old recurring items. I am also parsing exchange files. When I remove all exchange files, I am able to get an agenda.

How to start debugging this, what is position 377?

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