I'm using Spacemacs v.0.200.13, and GNU Emacs 26.3 (build 2, x86_64-pc-linux-gnu, GTK+ Version 3.22.30) of 2019-09-16.

I'd like to install and use the org-roam package.

The instructions indicate that Spacemacs users should create a custom layer, use use-package to fetch the package using recipe :fetcher github :repo (url).

I have done so.


(defconst org-roam-packages
  '((org-roam :location
              (recipe :fetcher github :repo "jethrokuan/org-roam" :branch "develop"))))

(defun org-roam/init-org-roam ()
  (use-package org-roam
    :after org
    (after-init . org-roam-mode)
    (org-roam-directory "~/Dropbox/org/notes")
      (spacemacs/declare-prefix "ar" "org-roam")
        "arl" 'org-roam
        "art" 'org-roam-today
        "arf" 'org-roam-find-file
        "arg" 'org-roam-show-graph)

      (spacemacs/declare-prefix-for-mode 'org-mode "mr" "org-roam")
      (spacemacs/set-leader-keys-for-major-mode 'org-mode
        "rl" 'org-roam
        "rt" 'org-roam-today
        "rb" 'org-roam-switch-to-buffer
        "rf" 'org-roam-find-file
        "ri" 'org-roam-insert
        "rg" 'org-roam-show-graph))))

Then, in my .spacemacs, I add the package to my dotspacemacs-configuration-layers.



Now, if I restart emacs using restart-emacs-resume-layouts, and attempt to run any of the org-roam functions, I get the following error:

command-execute: Wrong type argument: commandp, org-roam-find-file

Looking through my messages, I see no obvious warnings or errors.

Then, I delete org-roam from my dotspacemacs-configuration-layers. I restart-emacs-resume-layouts. I re-add org-roam to my ``dotspacemacs-configuration-layers. Now, if I run any of theorg-roamfunctions, they work. However, I get the infamousSPC SPC is undefinederror, which I usually take to mean there's some kind of error in my.spacemacs. Again, though, nothing inmessages.` And, if I restart again, the functions again error.

Here is my .spacemacs in its entirety.

If I do describe-package when spacemacs is in a state where any of the org-roam functions give the commandp error, I see:

org-roam is an installed package.

     Status: Installed in ‘org-roam-20200224.258/’ (unsigned). Delete
    Version: 20200224.258
    Summary: Roam Research replica with Org-mode
   Requires: emacs-26.1, dash-2.13, f-0.17.2, s-1.12.0, async-1.9.4, org-9.0
   Homepage: https://github.com/jethrokuan/org-roam
   Keywords: org-mode roam convenience 

How can I successfully use org-roam while still maintaining my SPC SPC keybindings, and in a way where it persists across emacs restarts?

EDIT: If I delete the org-roam folder in .emacs.d/elpa, then restart emacs, I get into the state wherein org-roam functions work, but I get SPC SPC is undefined errors.

Here is my entire messages buffer after a restart into the state where org-roam functions work, but SPC SPC doesn't.


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You might try and add this to the top of the packages file or in a layers.el file.

(configuration-layer/declare-layer 'org)

I placed this in a separate layers.el file since spacemacs will load that first.

This has worked for me but I can't get the shortcuts to work.


I also compared my config to yours. I'm using defer in the use-package init:

    (defun org-roam-layer/init-org-roam ()
  (use-package org-roam
    :after org
    (after-init . org-roam-mode)
    :defer t
  • I tried both adding the configuration-layer setting to the top of the packages.el file as well as to a new layers.el file, neither seemed to solve the issue (though I did get SPC SPC back`.
    – Caleb Jay
    Feb 25, 2020 at 19:16
  • With the line at the top of the packages.el file, the behavior is identical to before regarding resets. Adding the :defer t didn't seem to change anything either... though I appreciate your help.
    – Caleb Jay
    Feb 25, 2020 at 19:18

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