As a follow-up to this question about exporting as PDF, I want to export a message as a PDF. One answer in that thread views the message in a browser window and I can then save as a PDF from the browser:

(add-to-list 'mu4e-view-actions '("ViewInBrowser" . mu4e-action-view-in-browser) t)

The other is similar but does the work behind the scenes with WebKit HTML to PDF. Here is one example of the output of the latter command:

PDF output of a message, without headers

Both miss the header fields, such as sender, date, and subject, and the message starts immediately at the body.

How can I include message headers when exporting to PDF?

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This was fixed in version 1.3. You can try the mu4e~write-body-to-html function in the master branch.

  • Yes, just loading the latest mu4e-actions.el works. I didn't want to have a separate installation of 1.3.x lest I damage the current one. I'll wait until 1.3 is in release.
    – emonigma
    Commented Mar 1, 2020 at 9:36

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