I'm attempting to get horizontal scrolling and pinch-to-zoom working for Pdf-Tools. I'm a medical researcher who uses a lot of PDFs and have fallen in love with org-mode, now trying to move more functions to emacs tools.

I'm currently using Mitsuharu Yamamoto's mac port; vertical scrolling worked beautifully out of the box. However, I haven't been successful in figuring out how to make horizontal scrolling work (though per Yamamoto's documentation it's supported). In addition, it would be fantastic to make pinch-to-zoom work in Pdfview mode. Would appreciate any direction anyone would be willing to provide. Thanks!

  • I am using a stock version of Emacs built --with-ns. I have a horizontal mouse school wheel and the left/right scrolling on an image that has been maximized beyond the window seems to be supported out-of-the-box and works just fine. I typed C-h k and moved the wheel left/right and it shows up as being bound to wheel-left / wheel-right, which in turn are bound to pdf-util-image-map-mouse-event-proxy. – lawlist Feb 26 at 3:11

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