I have used version 18.10.2 of ess (see question https://stackoverflow.com/questions/60445059/where-is-ess-version-19-04) and followed the directions at how to setup Knitr workflow in Emacs? to get to the point where "M-n s" will knit my document and "M-n P" will process it with pdflatex.

However "M-n b" tries to bibtex the Rnw document rather than the tex file and gives the error message

Running `BibTeX' on `file.Rnw' with ``bibtex file.Rnw''
I couldn't open file name `file.Rnw.aux'
TeX Output exited abnormally with code 1

Here is my .emacs file. I have removed everything else in case it was causing the problem.

(require 'ess-site)

(add-hook 'ess-noweb-mode-hook 'my-noweb-hook)
(defun my-noweb-hook ()
  (define-key ess-noweb-mode-prefix-map "b"
    #'(lambda () (interactive) (TeX-command "BibTeX" 'TeX-master-file))))

 '(ess-swv-pdflatex-commands (quote ("pdflatex" "make" "texi2pdf")))
 '(ess-swv-processor (quote knitr)))

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