I have an emacs package installed from elpa in my ${HOME}/.emacs.d/elpa/ directory, and I am trying to fiddle with its .el source file. I would like to

  • recompile after modification
  • have those changes take effect in the current emacs session, without quitting.

This seems similar to another question, but nothing mentioned there that I've tried works:

  • M-x emacs-lisp-byte-compile-and-load
  • reloading my .emacs after byte-recompilation
  • load-library RET <library name>
  • eval-buffer
  • load-file RET <path to corresponding .elc file>
  • remove .elc file completely and load-file RET <path to .el file>

None of these work as intended: the package does not reload, as I can confirm quite easily by breaking / unbreaking some of its functions.

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