Relative line numbers for me it's a little bit painful topic. I'm using evil (spacemacs) and I want to jump between lines by in vim style like 10j, 4k etc. Is it possible to get line numbers behavior in emacs just like in vim?

There is two mutually exclusive problems for visual and relative line numbers mode in emacs.

  1. Visual line numbers works great with folding. But when test wraps by visual-fill-column-mode, visual line numbers assigns a number to non-existent line. And from now I can't just moving between lines correctly because of related picture. enter image description here
  2. In another hand relative line numbers solve the problem above, and it works just fine, but... until the moment when I fold something. Imagine, in picture below I want jump to one of Another long test topic. How should I do this? enter image description here

So, is there any solution for this? I've spent a lot of time to googling it, but my efforts still have no result.

Sorry for my English.

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I've FINALLY got solution for this, but there is not related with line numbers. All what I've done is just set another functions to j, k for evil. And it works almost perfect.

God, I'm sooo happy now. There is solution for spacemacs


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