everyone. I am new to debugging with dap-mode and i can't figure out how to pass arguments.

I tried by creating a template

  (list :type "gdb"
        :request "launch"
        :args "/home/george/Documents/Repos/pop/encoder/OBJs/Buddha.obj"
        :name "GDB::Mine"
        :target nil
        :program "/home/george/Documents/Repos/pop/encoder/build/addon"
        :cwd "/home/george/Documents/Repos/pop/encoder/"))

but it doesn't work. It gives me

No source file named /home/george/Documents/Repos/olive/app/main.cpp.
Program exited with code 0377
undefinedPlease give path to .obj file.

I actually don't know why it tells that there isn't an olive/app/main.cpp file since that's not the project i'm trying to debug.

What am i supposed to do?

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