When navigating the directory structure in no window mode, there is always .. at the top of the current directory, so that one can leave it and go to the directory up ahead.

I am using emacs 26.3 and when I enter a zip archive, I see no way of leaving the archive other exiting emacs using C-x C-c.

How do I leave the archive properly, so that I end up back in the directory where the archive is stored?

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    Does pressing the letter q help any?
    – lawlist
    Commented Mar 3, 2020 at 20:00

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q in Zip-Archive mode will run command quit-window. You can see information about enabled modes by invoking describe-mode (C-h m).

Your zip archive is a separate buffer along with dired one so usual commands to work with buffers can also help:

  • C-x b <RET> (switch-to-buffer) will switch to previous buffer (dired)
  • C-x k <RET> (kill-buffer) will kill current buffer (zip archive)

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