Upon startup of my emacs 24.3, I'm getting the errors:

Warning (emacs): Unable to activate package `with-editor'.
Required package `emacs-24.4' is unavailable

I have a dim recollection that when I first started this job, I sometimes used another machine that had 24.4, and with-editor may have been some package used by the coworker (since left) who had a more advanced emacs version in their home directory and who had suggested I copy some of their configuration.

However, if I grep my .emacs, .emacs.d recursively, or my .emacsinit, I don't see with-editor.

Running emacs -Q doesn't have the error.

What is causing it, and to the extent stackoverflow lets me ask, what techniques could I be using to troubleshoot this myself?

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The command grep with-editor ~/.emacs.d/*/*/* found a directory called elpa with a subdirectory with-editor-2.8.1. Many other files under elpa outside of that directory had references to with-editor. Simply deleting all of elpa did away with this error, allowing emacs to actually start.

The command find ~/.emacs.d -name '*with-editor*' would also have found the with-editor package, but wouldn't have let me see immediately that lots of other things under elpa depended on it.

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