Debian 10, Emacs 26.1

I want to search word "The" for each file in folder test1, by using the command

M-x lgrep

And the result is

zsh:1: no matches found: .[!.]*

I thought that the problem was caused by zsh, and then I launched emacs with

SHELL=$(which bash) emacs -q

It has find the file containing the word, but afterwards, it has some additional text

grep: .[!.]*: No such file or directory

grep: ..?*: No such file or directory

Grep exited abnormally with code 2

The grep command in bash has no alias

I fount this line caused this problem

'(("all" .   "* .[!.]* ..?*") ;; Don't match `..'. See bug#22577

Is it a bug or I misused the function?

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